8×10″ oil on panel

I had a lovely day yesterday at the L.A. County Arboretum. I walked quite a bit before deciding on a view that wasn’t constrained by a mass of greenery. The day was overcast, but I was intrigued by the angles this view created. I guess it has helped to have an environmental design background. I believe I can appreciate what the designer has created in a three dimensional image. Of course I still have to consider what I can capture visually.

I had fun with this view, though it shows nothing of the acres of Botanical Gardens behind me. Nor does it bring to mind the 50+ geese on the grass to my right. They ended up in the pool before I left, and it reminded me of a teen pool party. Noisy as heck.

As I should have predicted the shapes of the reflections on the water were interrupted by the great gardeners who turned on the fountain right on schedule. The reflections were a part of what attracted me to the angular perspective, so I left it in. I will save the ripples that the fountain makes for another day.

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