6×6″ oil on linen panel

As artists we get images in our head that are sometimes a lot alike. I am not sure if we file away the images which we have seen. Or if it is in fact that we have similar sensitivities and compositional knowledge, and find our work comes very close to looking like another artist.

I did a short search and found images, similar to a still life that I completed a year ago. It was fun to see the different color sense, brush work, and compositions that are quite similar.

In my still life set up, I worked from life. I spread out multiple candies across a table. I attempted to do four, that could be hung horizontal in a line, or a group of the four. I wanted the story to move from one canvas to the next. I was successful with three, but the fourth, missed it’s mark somewhere. I would like to try that again. But right now I am watching my sweets 😀

I do wonder if the other artists, worked from life or a photo. If they created a story in any way, or prepped the product to fit the composition. In searching for these images I even found reference to a prison inmate that uses the color from the candy as his palette. Hair from his head, aluminum foil, and plastic for his brush.

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