19×26″ pastel on Canson

After a week of over 100 degree weather, I ventured out. I think it was in the 90’s, yet it sure felt cooler. Sometimes a plein air destination can be so vast that one is not sure if another better view might be just around the next corner. Today, however, I saw these cute little spherical bushes, and the awesome San Gabriel Mtns behind and decided they would make a great subject.

This process is not easy folks. It may look unfinished to some, since it is not blended carefully. Yet if you were to stand next to an artist working with this technique, you would see careful and thoughtful choices in colors. Placing colors side by side, to create depth and capture the color key for that particular time of day. Also, the choice of paper is included in the color considerations. Dark paper is preferred since it can become one of the shadow colors, and creates an harmonious color note throughout the drawing.

I think this turned out to be quite a playful piece.

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